About us 關於我們

Peanuts Animation Cel – By Schulz

Suhrid Fuji & Lekha Ghosha

We are two sentient beings who meet each other once a year. Suhrid likes to philosophize and rationalize, and Lekha likes to be intuitive. Suhrid enjoys being meticulous, whereas Lekha prefers a haphazard, random fashion. Suhrid lives in Brand New World, and Lekha lives in Kaguya Hime’s Moon Palace, but we visit each other from time to time. Like one wise man who has inspired both of us, an ultimate hero more ultimate than Sisyphus, we will most likely also “end up just wishing to be aimless vagabonds”. One day, this couple of wayfarers, having abandoned all destinations, will finally be back to the primoridal ground, our hometown, the Everland instead of Neverland, from whose light we have never been seperated.

Here we only include those we wrote by will of our own. So nothing scholarly, at least for now! As the blog name suggests, this is just an archive of our unremarkable reflections, intellectual and visceral, for ourselves, and for sharing them with our friends who might be interested.